My BLACK OP RADIO appearance now online!

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Facebook is getting super strict and strange. Thank God I don’t “do” Facebook Live because I have been banned for months–!! Here is what happens (truly bizarre- read on): every time my “sentence” is just about up, Facebook dredges up an OLD AND DELETED anti-Trump meme (with no nudity or violence-!), says it goes against community standards, and I am then extended for my “sentence”! My latest 3-day sentence was strange: they stated it was going to be 2 days, then it became 3 days without warning…for posting a public Wikipedia article seen by countless people with no warning labels on it or anything! The last time I was in Facebook jail for a few days was over the July 4th shooter…for a photo of him in a suit with no label, no weapons, no hate, nothing- it could have been a photo of John Q. Citizen in that suit! Moral to the story: be very careful. I keep hearing other people being thrown in Facebook jail quite a bit. The old standards of “nudity and violence” are no-brainers, but they are now getting you for bizarre stuff.

Another “Big-Brother-is-watching” item: from roughly 1998-2013, I was THE international king of all things JFK Secret Service on Google and elsewhere—meaning, if you typed in “Clint Hill”, “Gerald Blaine”, other agent’s names, or just “JFK Secret Service”, my material (blogs, Amazon, etc.) would come up in dominating droves. THEN, in 2013, RIGHT BEFORE THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY KICKED IN (and on the eve of my first book coming out), I became radioactive: NOTHING of mine was showing on Google any longer! I went from the 15-year king to a cellar dweller overnight and it has been this way ever since, despite 1100-plus You Tube videos, countless blog postings, etc. with the “JFK Secret Service” tags, HTML, and related items in writing.

Another thing happened in 2013: Blaine’s friend (the one with the military intelligence background [old story-see my books, etc.]) began harassing me online and at work resulting in multiple blogs and Amazon reviews being deleted. Also, ALL MY MANY AMAZON REVIEWS WENT AWAY and I am no longer allowed to post reviews, the reason being that I am “biased”–?!

And, as I wrote in the link below, I and several other authors were the victims of censorship RIGHT ON THE EVE of a massive best-selling book about the Secret Service (that espoused the whole blame-the-victim mantra about JFK): ZERO FAIL by Carol Leonnig! ALL FIVE OF MY BOOKS DISAPPEARED ON AMAZON AND OTHER PRO-CONSPIRACY AUTHORS WERE VICTIMS OF THIS, AS WELL! I (we) had to fight with Amazon to get the links restored…but the damage was done. By the time they were back online, the 48-hour massive hype for her book (which could have POSTIVELY affected sales of all of our books–hint hint) had passed. I monitor Amazon literally every day since 2013 (just a thing I do-I don’t think I have EVER missed a day checking to see the rankings, etc. [now I check to make sure this is no more corruption]) and this was the ONLY time THIS happened.

Things that make you go “hmmmmm”…

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Too Secret? The Secret Service’s Long, Troubling History of Omerta

Too Secret? The Secret Service’s Long, Troubling History of Omerta

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Clint Hill claims JFK looked at him several times: more fake news (JFK assassination)

It was Hill’s lame, decades-later attempt to give off the inference that JFK didn’t want him there and/or that he even cared or noticed in the first place. Lame, lame, lame.


Clint Hill debunked by CLINT HILL and his fellow JFK Secret Service agents


Clint Hill: C’mon, man- tell the truth.

Clint Hill knew I was connected to this program so he addresses my “allegations”


The Secret Service drinking incident of 11/22/63

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JFK Revisited: The Complete Collection: THE best JFK assassination documentary (and related book) ever!!!!

(2-hour version last night. 4-hour version today. I am going to watch/listen to the audio commentary by Stone and DiEiugenio for the 2-hour version tomorrow)

Fantastic, fabulous, essential, classic, etc. This series defies words. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was blown away by the sheer amount of diverse content as presented by the impressive list of speakers. I took copious notes that almost looks like a small paperback LOL! 

Here is a great analogy [keeping in mind the “ET” controversy, which I equate to the Three Tramps in “JFK” in 1991]:

If this was the Super Bowl, this team won 52-3 (would have been a shut out if not for the “ET”). Still a huge and impressive victory.

I also highly recommend the book of the film- super impressive. The book almost acts as the unofficial “6-hour version.”

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As referenced in the book JFK REVISITED: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, page 203 – JFK plots and threats in Chicago 1963 + the protection of Kennedy in Florida

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Secret Service destruction of JFK motorcade records now going mainstream media

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Secret Service destruction of JFK motorcade records now going mainstream media

JFK motorcade record destruction by Secret Service now going mainstream media

JFK motorcade record destruction by Secret Service now going mainstream media- I am in “the number one best-selling book on planet Earth in 2021”, according to CNN (and as echoed by other networks). The three-time Pulitzer Prize winning author (who is getting massive publicity, as she did for her #1 book on Trump) appeared, at first glance, to have ignored my work. She thanks Clint Hill, Gerald Blaine, Tim McIntire, Larry Newman, Win Lawson and several other non-JFK era agents. Page 504, referencing my last (fourth) book! Not happy about the blaming-JFK part (no doubt influenced by her personal interviews with Blaine et al), but I cannot lie (and sorry if this seems hypocritical or contradictory): this is kind of cool.

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SECRET SERVICE SCANDALS 2021-2022 & 11/22/63

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SECRET SERVICE SCANDALS 2021-2022 & 11/22/63

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