Building rooftops were regularly guarded BEFORE the JFK assassination! Just one of the many revelations to be found in my new book THE NOT-SO-SECRET SERVICE:

Building rooftops were regularly guarded BEFORE the JFK assassination! Just one of the many revelations to be found in my new book THE NOT-SO-SECRET SERVICE:

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Kennedy Detail agent Joseph Paolella has just passed away

Kennedy Detail agent Joseph Paolella has just passed away



After the assassination, I was re-assigned to guard the presidential vehicle after it had been flown back to the White House garage. Several hospital staff members from Bethesda Naval Hospital entered the vehicle to remove scalp, brain tissue and bone matter from the back seat. While waiting for the Bethesda Naval Hospital attendants to arrive, I did notice what appeared to be a bullet-hole in the front windshield of the driver’s side. I do not remember if the glass remnants were on the inside of the vehicle or the outside of the windshield. If the glass remnants were on the inside of the car, it would offer some acceptance to the theory that at least one of the shots came from the front of the President’s vehicle.

I don’t remember anything out of the ordinary regarding my duties prior to the assassination other than several trips to the Kennedy residence in Palm Beach, Florida. I also recall an incident in Chicago involving a suspect who was planning to assassinate the President. However, I was not involved in that investigation and the threat was taken care of by the Chicago office of the Secret Service.

I believe Oswald was the shooter and though I am not a conspiracy buff, I believe if others were involved, I think the Mafia would be the only ones who could have pulled it off without someone later confessing involvement in the President’s assassination. In those days, Mafia members had a strict code that did not allow them to confess. It had been said that a New Orleans Mafia Don, Carlos Marcello, was heard to say, “If you cut off the head of the snake (JFK), the tail (RFK), would die.” At that time, Robert Kennedy was the Attorney General and was working against the Mafia. Shortly after the assassination, Robert Kennedy was fired and it took another 20-years before the F.B.I. made any headway against the Mafia.

For the first 1/2 hr of the show, Secret Service Agent Joe Paolella will comment on the General Petraeus affair. Joe will also tell us amazing stories when he was a secret service agent to four US Presidents, including JFK. Joe was the Secret Service agent responsible for guarding JFK’s limousine after the shooting. He noticed a bullet hole through the front windshield and never told anyone about this. About 40 years later, the first and only person he ever told was his good friend Dr John.






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Per Secret Service Agent Floyd Boring: OSWALD IN D.C. 9/27/63 !!

Per Secret Service Agent Floyd Boring: OSWALD IN D.C. 9/27/63 !!


Floyd M. Boring0003




Researcher Deb Galentine: “LHO supposedly arrived in Mexico City on 9/27/63. But this report has him in Washington DC on that date.

Ruth Paine had recently returned to NOLA shortly before this date from the Washington DC area. She had incorporated a visit to CIA headquarters while in the D.C. area in order to “see her sister.”

I have doubts about Ruth traveling alone on her road trip with two small children. I suspect she took her husband along.

So, it may be possible that Michael Paine stayed behind in the area. Someone in the D.C./PA/Baltimore area was impersonating LHO in several places during that time frame.

Carolina Lynn: “This is intriguing on many levels. First, the witness is a chaffeur for Sec. of Ag. Orvill Freeman, a seemingly very credible witness. The driver spoke to a DC policemen about the demeanor of the “Oswald” look-alike he encountered. [Sadly, the report says the policeman did not interview or ID “Oswald”]…Second, the report throughout refers to the “suspect” as Harvey Lee Oswald”, a switching of the name that author John Armstrong believes is goverment code to indicate the Russian-native dobleganger of the New Orlean-born Lee Harvey Oswald… “Lee Harvey Oswald” had by the date of this report, Dec. 2, 1963, become the most notorious name in U.S. history, repeated over and over on TV and radio and in newspapers. So it is hard to believe the name reversal could be “accidental”…Third, The Warren Omisson Report is adamant that “Oswald” was in Mexico City on September 27, 1963, the verified date of the DC incident, so this person was not the same “Oswald” in Mexico !!!


Michael Paine/LHO:

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Major History Channel appearance coming in the not-too-distant future!

Major History Channel appearance coming in the not-too-distant future!

I’ll be tearing Blaine and Hill a new one for an international audience of millions, demonstrating why these for-profit authors failed to protect JFK…it will be wonderful. Stay tuned!

Vince Palamara

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Gary Byrne & Grant Schmidt, authors of CRISIS OF CHARACTER, like my work!

Gary Byrne & Grant Schmidt, authors of CRISIS OF CHARACTER, like my work! CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE


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CLINT HILL- the real story

An online commentator wrote: Clint Hill, Jackie’s personal agent, has said many times that President Kennedy DID order the agents off the back of his limo because he felt like their presence there made him less accessible to people.”

My response:

Clint Hill also said he never heard it personally from the president himself- he heard it from Floyd Boring who, by the way, adamantly denied to me (twice on tape, once in a letter) that JFK ever ordered the agents to get off his limo–!

Boring is joined by dozens of his colleagues.

Hill came clean –slipped up?—in 2010 for his sixth floor museum oral history: “he can tell you what he wants but that doesn’t mean you have to do it. What we always used to do was agree with the president then do what we felt was best anyway.” It’s on video and Gerald Blaine, who also adamantly denied that JFK ever ordered or asked or interfered, was right beside him!

That story is bullshit by the substance of the remark. It is technically true VIA Boring’ s comment to Hill BUT, not only did Boring say what he said above, he told the ARRB in 1996 that JFK wasn’t issuing an order but merely demonstrating his kindness in not wishing to have the agents strain themselves by being there when the crowds were sparse…yet they were on the back of the car for most of the 28 mile Tampa trip of 11/18/63 and, to add further insult to injury, Hill briefly rode on the rear of the limo 4 times on Main Street in Dallas—oops!!!!!! I thought JFK ordered you guys off!! CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

He was also one of the agents who drank and stayed out late the night before. Hill is still legally married, yet he is with his much younger co-author…for her part: $$$$$

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The strongest case for Oswald’s innocence in the JFK assassination: three recent books

The strongest case for Oswald’s innocence in the JFK assassination: three recent books

Oswald’s RIFLE was involved but he did NOT fire it because he was NOT on the sixth floor at the time of the shooting–he was in the second floor lunchroom as he stated. He was ALSO a “patsy” as he himself declared. Read Barry Ernest’s THE GIRL ON THE STAIRS and Flip De Mey’s THE LEE HARVEY OSWALD FILES: no silly “conspiracy theories”…actually, no theories at all. Very impressive case for Oswald’s innocence in the actual shooting itself. I don’t see how any honest person could finish reading these two fairly new books and come away still thinking Oswald fired a shot. His RIFLE was involved…he was not. That was how he was set-up: of course the physical evidence was made to look like he did it (separate from the evidence of frontal shots and so forth): someone had to take the blame; no way was this going to be accomplished with an anonymous person or persons “at large.” Think about it for a moment: you are going to assassinate the president- “yeah, I think I’ll do it from my place of employment during my lunch break.” Yeah, right. In any event, these books, along with another very recent book, RECLAIMING PARKLAND by Jim DiEugenio (the perfect response to Bugliosi), prove conspiracy and a frame up of Oswald…without stupid theories.




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