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I made a major discovery tonight that is so mind blowing I am having a hard time wrapping my head around it. While doing research for author TC Elliott, I decided to peruse a document only released in 1998, the official Marine Corps Unit Diaries, RG 127, Camp Pendleton, CA 1957-01-20 to 1957-02-26. As most people know (so common I grabbed this from an online encyclopedia) “Lee Harvey Oswald was sent to Camp Pendleton for advanced infantry combat training. Oswald completed his training between 20th January 1957 and 26th February 1957 as a member of QUA Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Training Regiment, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California”: one of many true facts no one disputes; in the category of “there is a sun and there is a moon; duh!”

GUESS WHO ELSE was a member of QUA Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Training Regiment, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California at the very same time and never told anyone, at least not in public for books, articles, or the television interviews he has done: JFK White House Detail Secret Service Agent Charles T. “Chuck” Zboril—!!! Zboril was brand new to the detail, joining in the Fall of 1963. He famously rode on the rear of President Kennedy’s limousine in Tampa, Florida on 11/18/63 (the trip BEFORE the fatal Texas journey) and, infamously and controversially, was allegedly ordered to get off the limo (by JFK, which is bunk, but I digress for now), which is regularly brought up as causing great peril to JFK four short days later…WHEN HIS MARINE UNIT “BUDDY” WAS ALLEGEDLY TAKING AIM EXACTLY WHERE CHUCK COULD HAVE AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN—-!!!! What are the chances of this bizarre connection: are we talking DNA numbers?!?! And, again, Zboril, who contributed to Gerald Blaine’s THE KENNEDY DETAIL (doing part of the book tour and local Florida television interviews), a major PBS documentary on the 11/18/63 trip, and several other media outlets, never uttered a WORD about this connection! Zboril served from JFK to Carter on the White House Detail, as well as other details and duties within the agency. I spoke to Zboril at length in 1995 and he never mentioned this (Zboril went on to write a one-star review of my first book. He is not a fan).

From John Armstrong’s work: “On October 24, HARVEY and three other Marine recruits boarded an American Airlines flight to San Diego. Oswald and the 3 men from Dallas were assigned to Platoon 2060, along with a young man from Wisconsin named Allen R. Felde. Following boot camp these 8 marines from Platoon 2060 were transferred to Camp Pendleton for infantry training. They shared the same tent and Allen Felde and HARVEY Oswald spent a lot of time together. Felde told the FBI that Oswald continually discussed politics, championed the cause of the working man, and was “left-winged.”

In the fall of 1956, while HARVEY Oswald and Allen Felde were stationed at San Diego, LEE Oswald was at the Marine Corps Air Facility at El Toro, CA, 10 miles south of Camp Pendleton. It was in El Toro that Sergeant Wallace Ransberger first met Private First Class LEE Oswald, and a year later associated with him at Atsugi, Japan. Ransberger and LEE Oswald were assigned to the same unit and their duties were to furnish repair parts for vehicles and generators. In early 1957 Sergeant Donald Goodwin was assigned to Camp Pendleton and supervised a group of 20 men in the 5th Marine division, one of whom was radio communicator LEE Oswald, Private 1st class.”

From the Warren Report: “On January 18, 1957, he reported to Camp Pendleton, Calif., for further training and was assigned to “A” Company of the First Battalion, Second Infantry Training Regiment.303 He was at Pendleton for a little more than 5 weeks, at the end of which he was rated 4.2 in conduct and 4.0 in proficiency.304 Allen R. Felde, a fellow recruit who was with Oswald at San Diego and Pendleton, has stated that Oswald was generally unpopular and that his company was avoided by the other men.305 When his squad was given its first weekend leave from Pendleton, all eight men took a cab to Tijuana, Mexico. Oswald left the others and did not rejoin them until it was time to return to camp. Felde said that this practice was repeated on other trips to Los Angeles; Oswald accompanied the men on the bus to and from camp but did not stay with them in the city.306 On February 27, he went on leave for 2 weeks,307 during which he may have visited his mother in Fort Worth.308”




A couple other dates, same unit:

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ESSSENTIAL PURCHASE if you are a fan of history, the Secret Service, President Reagan, and/or you are looking for a role model to look up to! (I am really pushing this one because I believe in it so much!)- ORDER HERE:




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As author Flip De Mey said: “I suppose this document is part of the Ferrie-file in the case about his dismissal as pilot. The whole clique of Camp Street 544, New Orleans seems present: Banister, Ferrie, Arcacha Smith,… Ferrie’s involvement in the CAP is also mentioned. By pure coincidence the Camp Street address is stamped on Oswald’s ‘Hands off Cuba’ pamphlet, and by pure coincidence Oswald was one of the boys under Ferrie’s “oversight” in the CAP. Also by pure coincidence pilot Ferrie drove through a storm from New Orleans to Galveston Texas on 22 November 1963, without any reasonable explanation, to return at the very moment the killing of Oswald was made public. By coincidence Breck Wall -responsible for the Dallas chapter of AGVA- was also in Dallas and received at the very moment Ferrie arrived there a mysterious telephone-call from Ruby. Ferrie by the way was -pure coincidence- in the morning of 22 November at Carlos Marcello’s side. Mafia Godfather and Kennedy-hater Marcello gave Ferrie 7.000 $ that day, again without reasonable explanation. You can go on and on,… The document in itself proves nothing new. We know that these shady crooks knew each other, and covered each others lies, but it’s again an illustration of their conspiratorial behavior.”




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“Hi Vince, Yes: the film is coming out in November!  Will let you know the dates and details very soon.
Are you interested in going on radio programs to discuss it (and your own work of course)?
My marketing person Susan will contact you to discuss ideas. Hope things are great with you. Yes, it will definitely be out in DVD/Blu-ray, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and hopefully a couple others still waiting on.
Stephen Goetsch, Director



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My next book is a positive book on the Secret Service (for the most part)

My next book THE NOT SO SECRET SERVICE: AGENCY TALES FROM FDR TO THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION TO THE REAGAN ERA is a mostly positive look at the greatest agency in the world, the U.S. Secret Service. From 1865 to the present, thousands of men and women have served their country well- this is reflected in chapters on FDR, Truman, Ike, and Reagan. I also take a look at my top 5 (favorite) agents of all time- although subjective, I don’t think anyone would argue with two of the 5 (Jerry Parr and Robert DeProspero).

While there are critical assessments contained in chapters related to JFK, LBJ and Nixon, there are also positive comments throughout. I believe anyone who reads the book will come away with two thoughts: Vince sure is a fan of the Secret Service and he sure is a critic of their performance on 11/22/63. That said, I am also praiseworthy toward many of the Kennedy detail, as there are a fair amount of those agents who were not involved in the nuts and bolts of that tragic day.

When one considers how long the agency has been around (since 1865-151 years, spanning part or all of three different centuries), how many thousands of men and women have served their country admirably, and how many presidents, dignitaries, and family members have been (and continue to be) successfully protected, there is indeed much to admire. Even the one tragic day in their history enabled by a few does not diminish that legacy.

Vince Palamara


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I am very excited about my third book THE NOT-SO-SECRET SERVICE: AGENCY TALES FROM FDR TO THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION TO THE REAGAN ERA! This one is my best one yet! I know a lot of authors probably feel this way about their latest work, but, in this instance, it is the truth. My first one SURVIVOR’S GUILT is a very good textbook style volume that has a necessarily narrow focus (the JFK assassination), while my second one is openly a reference work (with the same narrow focus that, admittedly, is probably more for the serious student/researcher on the case). While I am proud of my first two books, this one is the most readable, the most diverse (FDR, Truman, Ike, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan era Secret Service), and contains some explosive chapters related to the JFK assassination that will really get people talking! It should be on Amazon (and elsewhere) for pre-order in 6-10 weeks from now (like the other two, Kindle, paperback and E-book formats…even the Nook. I am a proud TRINE DAY author. I even have a FOURTH book completed, but I am getting ahead of myself). I cannot wait for you to read this one! Finally- a book you can take to the beach that may make you not want to go into the water; too much to ponder! There are POSITIVE chapters in the book (not all doom and gloom or critical assessments), yet I feel the JFK-related chapters will really get people fired up! I am very excited about this one- can you tell?




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THE NOT SO SECRET SERVICE- devastating to Blaine’s credibility


THE NOT SO SECRET SERVICE- devastating to Blaine’s credibility


THE NOT SO SECRET-AGENCY TALES FROM FDR TO THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION TO THE REAGAN ERA is a book I am very excited about. While I am proud of my first two books, I think this one is the best of them all! Blaine, McCubbin and Hill peddle their pedestrian prevarications and boring stories for profit (Blaine is the worst offender by far)…my books tell the REAL story with the bark off. THE NOT SO SECRET SERVICE is going to make people want a Congressional investigation of the Kennedy detail, while heaping praise- and rightfully so- on other eras of the Secret Service: FDR, Truman, Ike, and Reagan eras, in particular.


My books have sold many thousands of copies internationally. Blaine thought I was just some “blogger” with what McCubbin falsely called a “self-published” book: WRONG! My blogs have literally hundreds of thousands of hits, MY CTKA REVIEWS OF THEIR BOOKS HAVE MILLIONS OF HITS AND ARE ON THE FIRST PAGE WHEN YOU PUT THEIR BOOK TITLES IN GOOGLE, and I have a fourth book coming, as well. I just turned 50 (although many think I look 35-38ish), so, God willing, I will be around for many years more to tell the REAL story of the Kennedy detail, while, in fairness, ALSO telling the praiseworthy true stories of other eras in the rich history of the Secret Service.


[excuse my language here-no more mister nice guy] What it boils down to is this: Blaine made up shit in his book to place the blame on President Kennedy for his own assassination, something I deem to be cowardly and disgusting; very shameful, indeed. Blaine and Hill have made much blood money from their failure to protect JFK.


I am a huge admirer of the Secret Service (as borne out by my contributions to Phil Melanson’s book THE SECRET SERVICE: THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF AN ENIGMATIC AGENCY and my praise on the cover of the first edition of agent Dan Emmett’s WITHIN ARM’S LENGTH, among other projects, such as a highly praiseworthy documentary on agent Bob DeProspero)…who also happens to be a huge critic of 11/22/63. If you thought my first book SURVIVOR’S GUILT destroyed Blaine’s credibility- WATCH OUT! THE NOT SO SECRET SERVICE is even more devastating—some major discoveries (two of which will get people talking)…there is a reason Hill burned his notes in 2005: people are going to want an investigation of the Kennedy detail when they read this!


Vince Palamara


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