Survivor’s Guilt: The Secret Service & The Failure To Protect The President”

New material available for the first time in “Survivor’s Guilt: The Secret Service & The Failure To Protect The President” by Vincent Michael Palamara—


1)      The primary, first-hand accounts of over 70 former Secret Service agents, White House aides, and family members, many of whom have never spoken publicly before. No other author or government investigative body has successfully interviewed and contacted as many of these men as has author Palamara. No other book has ever examined the conduct of the Secret Service in such voluminous and authoritative detail.

2)      The long-standing and wide-reaching myth that President Kennedy was difficult to protect and somehow, directly or indirectly, made his own tragic death easier for an assassin or assassins is exploded for the first time in devastating and authoritative detail.

3)      The fraudulent notion that JFK had ordered the agents off the rear of his limousine in Dallas is conclusively debunked. Agents on or near the rear of JFK’s car would have thwarted his death.

4)      The popular and widespread myth that President Kennedy personally ordered the bubbletop off his limousine in Dallas is likewise shown to be a convenient exaggeration. An impossible multiplicity of responsibility is painstakingly demonstrated, as are multiple options involving the bubbletop that were not used in Dallas.

5)      The premature approval of Kennedy’s speech site in Dallas by members of the Secret Service, over other options, which determined the type of security used for the site, the choice of the route used to get to the destination, and even the speed of JFK’s limousine, is detailed in full.

6)      Despite the rabid, right-wing environment in Dallas, it is shown that there were allegedly no threats found by the agency in this troubled city, a seeming impossibility. Like the choice of speech site, this situation likewise determined the level of security—or lack thereof—used for JFK’s mortal trip to the Big D.

7)      For the first time ever, an exhaustive account of all the recent prior threats to Kennedy’s life just before the President’s journey to Texas is revealed.

8)      Another major discovery by the author is the covert monitor of mortal threats to JFK’s life for the New York, Florida, and Texas trips—the last three major Presidential forays—by two members of the Secret Service’s Protective Research Section. Also, a little-known military intelligence presence is shown to have existed in Dallas on November 22, 1963, yet another probable covert monitor of mortal threats to the President that was covered up after the assassination. Finally, the presence of a CIA agent at the hospital the dying President was taken to is revealed.

9)      The presence of unauthorized Secret Service agents in Dealey Plaza, the site of the assassination, is exhaustively documented in devastating detail. Likewise, the media’s reporting of the death of a Secret Service agent the day of the assassination is painstakingly examined. Finally, the untimely death of a Secret Service agent shortly before the Texas trip is revealed in context.

10)  The alarming and shocking behavior of perhaps the most important agent connected to the Dallas trip, JFK’s driver, is explored in unprecedented detail.

11)  The lack of proper local police and military involvement will be shown to be Secret Service responsibilities and, ultimately, failures. In addition, the strange omission of key members of the Secret Service is duly noted.

12)  It is shown that overpasses, buildings, windows, and rooftops were not properly monitored, due to Secret Service negligence (or worse). In addition, the strange conduct of local police and the agents themselves is also noted, along with the ramifications of this behavior. An unprecedented agent-by-agent examination is scrupulously documented with disturbing results.

13)  Evidence that the fateful motorcade route Kennedy rode in Dallas was changed at the eleventh hour by the Secret Service is detailed in full. Also, like the speech site, it is conclusively documented that other options—and alternate routes—were available and not used that fatal day in Dallas.

14)  The Dallas police plan to use many flanking motorcycles, used to shield the President during the motorcade, was changed shortly before the assassination by the Secret Service. Also, the press and photographers, Kennedy’s personal physician, military aides, and several important vehicles were moved from their normal positions close to JFK at the last minute, again by the Secret Service.

15)  It is amply demonstrated by the author that President Kennedy was actually very personable and friendly with the Secret Service and did not interfere with their actions at all. In addition, JFK’s oft-noted obsession with death will be shown to be a byproduct of his knowledge of threats to his life just before Dallas.

16)  Evidence of covert security tests and studies, as well as the destruction and altering of crucial documents, evidence, and testimony, is revealed. Also, disturbing FBI-Secret Service fueding is noted in context.

17)  A mountain of lies and bureaucratic cover-up is duly noted, along with the ramifications of these falsehoods for the subsequent investigations into the assassination, the conduct of the Secret Service itself, and, ultimately, the writing of accurate history.

18)  Disturbing sentiments regarding President Kennedy on the part of several key Secret Service agents is revealed, as well as the justifiable feelings of guilt and responsibility for the President’s death by others. In addition, the suprising conspiratorial beliefs of several former agents are chronicled.

19)  Gross negligence and, in some instances, seeming culpability on the part of members of the Secret Service, sworn to protect the life of John F. Kennedy, is detailed with many disturbing ramifications revealed.

20)  Whether one views the assassination as the work of a lone unaided assassin—Lee Harvey Oswald—OR the work of a deadly secret cabal, the powerful information in “Survivor’s Guilt” holds up in any case. In fact, it is conclusively demonstrated that, regardless of who or what was ultimately behind the assassination, it was the agents of the Secret Service who bear the heavy burden for President Kennedy’s tragic and untimely murder.



About vincepalamara

Vincent Palamara was born in Pittsburgh and graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in Sociology. Although not even born when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Vince brings fresh eyes to an old case. In fact, Vince would go on to study the largely overlooked actions - and inactions - of the United States Secret Service in unprecedented detail, as well as achieving a world's record in the process, having interviewed and corresponded with over 80 former agents (the House Select Committee on Assassinations had the old record of 46 with a 6 million dollar budget and subpoena power from Congress), not to mention many surviving family members, White House aides, and even quite a few Parkland and Bethesda medical witnesses for a corresponding project. The result was Survivor's Guilt: The Secret Service & The Failure To Protect President Kennedy. Vince is also the author of the books JFK: From Parkland To Bethesda, The Not-So-Secret Service, Who's Who in the Secret Service, and Honest Answers about the Murder of President John F. Kennedy: A New Look at the JFK Assassination. All told, Vince has been favorably mentioned in over 140 JFK and Secret Service related books to date (including two whole chapters in Murder in Dealey Plaza, The Secret Service: The Hidden History Of An Enigmatic Agency by Philip Melanson, and the Final Report of the Assassination Records Review Board, among many others), often at length, in the bibliographies, and in the Secret Service - and even medical evidence - areas of these works. Vince has appeared on the History Channel's THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY (VHS and DVD), C-SPAN, Newsmax TV, A COUP IN CAMELOT (DVD/BLU RAY), KING KILL '63, THE MAN BEHIND THE SUIT (DVD), National Geographic's JFK: THE FINAL HOURS (including on DVD), PCN, BPTV, local cable access television, YouTube, radio, newspapers, print journals, at national conferences, and all over the internet. Also, Vince's original research materials, or copies of said materials, are stored in the National Archives (by request under Deed Of Gift by the ARRB), the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Harvard University, the Assassination Archives and Research Center, and the Dallas Public Library. Vince Palamara has become known (as he was dubbed by the History Channel in 2003) "the Secret Service expert." As former JFK Secret Service agent Joe Paolella proclaimed: "You seem to know a lot about the Secret Service, maybe even more than I do!" Agent Dan Emmett calls Vince a Secret Service expert in his new book.
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