Texas women claim they had affairs with disgraced Secret Service agent Arthur Huntington

Texas women claim they had affairs with disgraced Secret Service agent Arthur Huntington  

Amorous agent lost his job protecting President Obama after he stiffed a Colombian prostitute

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Published: Monday, May 21, 2012, 3:00 AM
Updated: Monday, May 21, 2012, 3:00 AM


Photos of Former Secret Service Agent Arthur Huntington & Kelly Scruggs - assistant manager at a housing couplex in Waco.  Scruggs had an affair with Mr. Huntington.


Kelly Scruggs says she has no sympathy for former Secret Service Agent Arthur Huntington after he broke her heart.

Huntington put the moves on Kelly Scruggs (far r.) at Wild West club in Waco, Tex., and the two holed up (l.) at Country Inn and Suite when married horndog Secret Service agent was in town, she said. James Keivom/News

James Keivom/New York Daily News

Huntington put the moves on Kelly Scruggs at Wild West club in Waco, Tex.,

Photo of Former Secret Service Agent Arthur Huntington who had an affair & Kelly Scruggs - assistant manager at a housing couplex in Waco.


Former Secret Service Agent Arthur Huntington, certainly not camera shy as he shows off his ripped body, lost his job after he stiffed a Colombian hooker during a presidential visit in South America.

	Scandalous ex-Secret Service Agent Arthur Huntington, not shy about showing off his beefcake bod, had kept women in all 50 states, says one former lover.


Scandalous ex-Secret Service Agent Arthur Huntington with Kelly Scruggs.

The Colombian hooker wasn’t the first lady — or the second.

Disgraced Secret Service agent Arthur Huntington’s extramarital conquests began during the George W. Bush administration, when he did the Texas two-step with a pair of Lone Star lovelies.

While one knew the amorous agent was married, the other says she was seduced with endless lies by the man who lost his job for stiffing a Cartagena prostitute last month.


Kelly Scruggs, whom Huntington cruelly blew off after being introduced to her mother, said she has no sympathy for the philandering fed who broke her heart in 2008.

“I don’t feel sorry for (him). I think he’s a total creep now,” the blond-haired, blue-eyed Southern beauty told the Daily News. “A total jerk.”

Scruggs, 33, of Marlin, Texas, became the second woman to tell The News about Huntington’s cheating while on the road protecting the President — both before his party-hearty trip to Colombia.

She was quickly joined by a third: Holly Snow, 41, who met the horny Huntington on the day of Jenna Bush’s May 2008 wedding, around the time of his break-up with Scruggs.

Huntington picked up both in the same Waco, Texas, club about a year apart. And Snow learned during their affair that he kept women “in all 50 states.”

He was at least chasing them on three continents: In addition to North and South America, the Daily News reported that the agent was on the prowl during President Obama’s trip to Ireland last year.

All the while, his loyal wife, Jolie, and their two sons were waiting at their suburban Maryland home.

Scruggs said she learned the truth about the man she called “my Arthur” on her cousin’s computer. The relative said she heard on the news that the agent at the heart of the Colombia booze and prostitute scandal was Scruggs’ ex-squeeze.

“Oh my God, scoot over now, I’ve got to see this,” Scruggs recalled telling her cousin. “I grabbed the computer. I was just in shock.”

The cousin, Paula Persons, said Scruggs spent the next two hours reading the stories online and sitting in stunned disbelief.

Huntington, 41, also hooked up with a Canadian woman after they met while he was on assignment with President Obama in May 2011, The News reported last week.

The randy agent hit on her inside a Dublin bar, the woman told The News. “You’re not getting away from me tonight,” he seductively declared.

Scruggs said Huntington’s modus operandi was the same with her: Shortly after their first meeting in 2007, she was sitting on a Waco bar stool when he came up from behind and covered her eyes with his hands.

Guess who?” he asked. Scruggs noted his left hand lacked a wedding ring.

After leaving the Wild West club, they wound up spending the night together and launched a relationship that lasted more than a year.

“He is the most charming person you’ll ever meet,” Scruggs said of her beefcake beau, who almost always wore a T-shirt and jeans when they were together.

In the beginning, Huntington acted like a complete gentleman.

“I never heard him say a cuss word. Never disrespected me in any way. Never made any negative comments,” Scruggs said. “It didn’t matter if I was having a bad day and wanted to cry about my sister or dad. He didn’t care.”

Huntington — who lost his job after giving a Colombian prostitute just $28 for an $800 night of carnal delights — actually told Scruggs that he was divorced.

Scruggs, sitting in a rocking chair on her porch, recounted his tales of marital woes: “I guess we just grew apart. We’ve been together a long time. We were high school sweethearts.”

Huntington even referred to his “ex-wife” Jolie by name during their heart-to-hearts.

The agent spent quite a bit of time in Waco during the Bush administration when the President was at the Western White House in Crawford, Tex.

But Scruggs worried their relationship would end after the 2008 presidential election.

“I told him, ‘You’re not going to be in Texas very much when the new President takes over. You’re not going to be here, you’re going to be someplace else,’” she said.

But Huntington tried to put her at ease.

“We’ll figure it out,” he told her. “If you have to, you can relocate.”

They also discussed having kids — “he said he always wanted a little girl,” Scruggs recalled.

“I thought he was sincere, and thought his ultimate goal was to be part of my life,” she said.

When Huntington hit Waco, the pair became inseparable.

“We would have a burger at Dairy Queen,” she recalled. “I owned some land. I took him to the land where all the cows were. He said, ‘I just love it here.’ … We started getting really close.”

The budding romance became “the talk of the town,” she said.

“My grandmother told her bridge friends. She was bragging,” Scruggs recalled.

The lovebirds spent most of their time holed up in the Country Inn and Suite hotel room in Waco.

For Christmas 2007, he bought her a silver Guess watch. Scruggs introduced Huntington to her mom, and he tossed around a football with her 10-year-old nephew.

And then everything went south.

“I wasn’t hearing from his as much,” Scruggs said. “I was getting lonely. A lot of our communication … was through e-mail.”

Pretty soon, the e-mails stopped and Huntington moved on.

“He hurt me,” Scruggs said. “I didn’t even hear from him for like a month. It’s like he just vanished.

“I still loved him, I did. I loved him very much. I just knew that it wasn’t going to be the life for me.”

Huntington shrugged off their break-up with far less angst.

The Secret Service agent met Snow in the same bar where he picked up Scruggs, and told her that he was separated from his wife — until she called him on it.

“I just point blank asked him, ‘You’re still married, aren’t you?’” she said. “And he said, ‘Yeah.’”

The cad later confessed that divorce was out of the question.

“He said he would never leave his wife because of the kids, the boys,” she said.

Snow said the Arthur she knew was “smooth” and likely used his lines on women across the globe.

“He probably told them the same things he told me — other than the marriage part,” she said.

“He was lonely. He is the type of person that needs attention. That’s his personality. He has to have attention. He has to have that one someone that is there for him, that makes him think they really care about him.”

When word reached Waco of the Cartagena debacle, Snow had a funny feeling that Huntington was involved.

“When I saw the scandal on the news, I did send him an e-mail and I said, ‘Where are you?’” she said. “I didn’t hear back.

“I kinda put two and two together.”

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