ANOTHER bad review of Blaine’s book

2.0 out of 5 stars Bit of a bore, June 25, 2012 By Feedback68 (Ireland) – See all my reviewsThis review is from: The Kennedy Detail: JFK’s Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence (Hardcover) I didn’t find this book to be a particularly great read and thats possibly my own fault as the previous three books I have read which involved Pres. Kennedy, Frederick Kempes “Berlin 1961”, Jim Rasenbergers “The Brilliant Disaster” and Michael Dobbs “One Minute To Midnight”, are, although completely different topics, brilliantly written and accurate historical accounts. This book claims that the agents “Break Their Silence!!” in that they have not spoken since 1963, as if the Warren Commission, various interviews, and several other books never happened in the intervening years. Some of the quotations from the agents regarding various conversations from 1963 are recorded here in an almost childish manner. Like regarding a motorcade in Florida where Blaine asks another agent “If you’ve got any connection with the man upstairs we’d love to have it be pouring with rain next Monday”. To which Agent Peppers laughed saying I’ll see what I can do. But remember this is Florida the sunshine state. I wouldn’t count on it”. In other words the Agents had their heads screwed on when it came to Kennedy’s car either having or not having the hardtop raised, just to let the reader know. Or “Hey Jer, Arnie gave me the name of a good Cuban restaurant not too far from here. Are you up for some local culture?” ‘Sure that sounds super” Blaine said. “I just realized I didn’t have lunch”. The chapter on Dallas doesn’t really reveal any new information or revealing facts that hasn’t been recorded a million times before. The whole book is littered with bland verbal interactions between agents like how tired they were or how hot or cold the weather was. They were thinly stretched, they had to pay for their own suits and it just wasn’t fair. Kenny O’Donnell and Dave Powers had them running everywhere. If you can borrow this from your library like I did, fine but I wouldn’t pay $13 bucks for it or 28 when it came out originally.

About vincepalamara

Vincent Palamara was born in Pittsburgh and graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in Sociology. Although not even born when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Vince brings fresh eyes to an old case. In fact, Vince would go on to study the largely overlooked actions - and inactions - of the United States Secret Service in unprecedented detail, as well as achieving a world's record in the process, having interviewed and corresponded with over 80 former agents (the House Select Committee on Assassinations had the old record of 46 with a 6 million dollar budget and subpoena power from Congress), not to mention many surviving family members, White House aides, and even quite a few Parkland and Bethesda medical witnesses for a corresponding project. The result was Survivor's Guilt: The Secret Service & The Failure To Protect President Kennedy. Vince is also the author of the books JFK: From Parkland To Bethesda, The Not-So-Secret Service, Who's Who in the Secret Service, and Honest Answers about the Murder of President John F. Kennedy: A New Look at the JFK Assassination. All told, Vince has been favorably mentioned in over 140 JFK and Secret Service related books to date (including two whole chapters in Murder in Dealey Plaza, The Secret Service: The Hidden History Of An Enigmatic Agency by Philip Melanson, and the Final Report of the Assassination Records Review Board, among many others), often at length, in the bibliographies, and in the Secret Service - and even medical evidence - areas of these works. Vince has appeared on the History Channel's THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY (VHS and DVD), C-SPAN, Newsmax TV, A COUP IN CAMELOT (DVD/BLU RAY), KING KILL '63, THE MAN BEHIND THE SUIT (DVD), National Geographic's JFK: THE FINAL HOURS (including on DVD), PCN, BPTV, local cable access television, YouTube, radio, newspapers, print journals, at national conferences, and all over the internet. Also, Vince's original research materials, or copies of said materials, are stored in the National Archives (by request under Deed Of Gift by the ARRB), the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Harvard University, the Assassination Archives and Research Center, and the Dallas Public Library. Vince Palamara has become known (as he was dubbed by the History Channel in 2003) "the Secret Service expert." As former JFK Secret Service agent Joe Paolella proclaimed: "You seem to know a lot about the Secret Service, maybe even more than I do!" Agent Dan Emmett calls Vince a Secret Service expert in his new book.
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