About Vince Palamara

Vince Palamara is the leading Secret Service expert and is an authority on the Kennedy assassination, as well. Vince has written five books to critical acclaim: the best-selling SURVIVOR’S GUILT: THE SECRET SERVICE AND THE FAILURE TO PROTECT PRESIDENT KENNEDY, JFK: FROM PARKLAND TO BETHESDA, THE NOT-SO-SECRET SERVICE, WHO’S WHO IN THE SECRET SERVICE, and HONEST ANSWERS ABOUT THE MURDER OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY: A NEW LOOK AT THE JFK ASSASSINATION. Vince has appeared on C-SPAN (including DVD), The History Channel for THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY (VHS/DVD), Newsmax TV, National Geographic Channel (DVD), and on the documentaries A COUP IN CAMELOT (DVD/ BLU RAY), THE ASSASSINATION OF JFK (2021/UK) and THE MAN BEHIND THE SUIT (DVD). Vince has also appeared in over 160 other author’s books. Vince’s research materials are stored in The National Archives and the JFK Library.


DOCUMENTARY OUTTAKE 2013- the director wanted me to do an unrehearsed book pitch for my book “Survivor’s Guilt: The Secret Service and the Failure to Protect President Kennedy”

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  1. Sandra Cohen says:

    On your recommendation I was just finishing “Mrs. Kennedy and Me” and I have not started reading “Within Arm’s Length”. Is there any way I could get a copy of your book other reading or printing it on the computer.

  2. Debbie Elliott says:

    Hi Mr. Palamara,, I am wondering if u have a picture of Lane Bertram. I have looked everywhere and can’t find one.

  3. Debbie Elliott says:

    I have searched online and can’t fine the actual 1991 AFAUSSS book.. It keeps directing me to your page….. Can you help me please? Give me any ideas on how to find it.
    My mother was a wild character back in the late 50″s and early 60’s and she was involved in some counterfeiting. She ended up helping Bertram catch a couple fellas. Anyway, I was born in Houston in 1957 and was named after him. Debbie Lane Bethune. I have been curious since I found a baby booklet with his first and last name written by my mother saying that was the man I was named after. Thanks.

    • Very interesting, indeed. I know he is mentioned for a fact (with no photo) in “The Secret Service Story” by Michael Dorman and “Murder From Within” by Fred Newcomb & Perry Adams (both on Amazon). Some people think HE was the “Clay Betrand” that Lee Harvey Oswald was refering to! I looked and could find no photo–save yourself the big money for that 1991 book I was refering to: he’s not in there

  4. I DID, just now, type in “Lane Betram Secret Service”, into “News” (custom range, 1940-1990) on Google and came up with this (no photo):

  5. Debbie Elliott says:

    Thanks so much…….

  6. Debbie Elliott says:

    awesome……. I look forward to hearing from you..

    • GREAT news! My gut instinct WAS right: that 1991 AFAUSSS book “Looking Back and Seeing The Future” has two group photos containing LANE BERTRAM in them…so, I took high-quality digital pics of them (inc blowups because they are relatively small) and I will direct you to them after work today (I will post them on my one specialty blog). I saved you money, too: the book goes for 165 dollars on Amazon!! 🙂 Vince

  7. Debbie Elliott says:

    That is great! Thank you so much…..I can’t wait.

  8. Debbie Elliott says:

    wow, I can’t thank you enough….do you know if there is a way I could check out old cases or would I need to hire someone? Like I said, my mother was a wild woman, (a prostitute by trade) I sure hope these emails are private!! Anyway, I have wondered about the case and her relationship with Lane (since I was named after him…) Just let me know and I will quit bothering you…..

  9. Debbie Elliott says:

    oh yea, again, thanks for saving me the money! I probably wouldn’t have been able to get the pics at this time…

  10. my pleasure! I would see if Lane’s wife Edna is still alive. They lived in the Houston area once

  11. You would need to hire someone, I am thinking

  12. Those articles links above, those pics, and all my written work you Googled is now everything I have on Lane Bertram

  13. Debbie Elliott says:

    ok, thanks a lot….

  14. Craig Frank says:

    I have a project you might be interested in:

    If you like it I was hoping you would write about it on your jfkblog.
    If you need anymore info, please let me know.
    Thank you for your time.

    Craig Frank

  15. Tom Rubendall says:

    Hi Vince!

    I was wondering if you had any images of Forrest Sorrels – can’t find them anywhere!
    Let me know if you can help.

    Thank you!

  16. Tom Rubendall says:

    Thanks Vince!!!

  17. Michele Harmon says:

    Vince, I’m glad I visited your website because I learned I could order your book thru Wal-Mart with free shipping. Question: I’m getting ready to read Abraham Bolden’s book, The Echo from Dealey Plaza, and heard somewhere that he uses substitute names for real people to avoid lawsuits. Do you know who these people/secret service agents would be and what is the substituted name?

    • I have no idea. It appears he used real names. People like Gerald Blaine and Clint Hill can be criticized in print- they are public figures now (best-selling books, Emmy nominated documentary). The party is over for Blaine when my book comes out 10/22/13: he has zero credibility and the whole world will know now. Remember: Al Franken had a huge #1 best-seller with “Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot”. Why didn’t Limbaugh sue? Well, unless you say something truly heinous, a public figure can be attacked in print

  18. ernie1241 says:

    Vince: Do you have any reason to believe the story of Harry Dean who claims that he was an FBI undercover operative who provided information to the FBI from 1960-1965 and that in 9/63 he told FBI Special Agent Wesley Grapp in Los Angeles about a “John Birch Society plot” to murder JFK and blame Oswald for the murder? Dean claims he was an “eyewitness” to the planning and financing of the “plot” which involved several prominent JBS members including former Cong. John Rousselot and Maj. Gen. Edwin A Walker.

  19. Frank says:

    Hello Vincent Palamara

    I am the producer of The Week In Conspiracy and would like to talk to you through email about an interview. Thanks Frank

  20. Bruce says:

    Without immersing myself in your material, do you think it was “friendly fired” that killed JFK, or multiple shooters, or perhaps the mob?

    I’m friends with the son of a secret service agent that was in the trailing car on that fateful day.

    • Thanks for writing. That theory is 100 percent false- there was no friendly fire. Neither Hickey nor Greer shot JFK (both agents are now deceased). Who is the agent you refer to? I spoke to Clint Hill, Sam Kinney (now deceased), Jack Ready (now deceased) and Tim McIntyre, while I contacted Paul Landis but he never got back to me. Glen Bennett and Emory Roberts are deceased.

  21. Mike says:

    Hi Vince my name is Mike and I was wondering if you could email me photos of agents Kinney, Jeffries, Flohr, Krill, Rybka, Gies, Campion, DeFreese, Knight, and Godfrey. I am a military researcher with the Military Wiki and I did some research finding out that the agents i mentioned served in the military before joining the secret service to serve JFK. I would like photographs of them for articles i am about to make on the Military Wiki. There is other photos of them with JFK at events on the Presidential Library & Museum website but I think I need better photos of them. To prove to you this is not a scam, here is my user page.

  22. timsmith752 says:

    Hey Vince,

    I was wondering if I could get your email. I have some questions that are too lengthy to be posted here.


    Tim Smith

    Send me an email and I will respond with my inquiries.

    Thanks. Just finished Honest Answers. Great book…I read it in two sittings. Good stuff!

  23. Brian Doyle says:

    Vince – Thanks for the brave credit you gave me in ‘Honest Answers’ on my new evidence discovery…Could you please take me off Facebook block?… – JFK “Researcher Extraordinaire” Brian Doyle

  24. I unblocked you. I honestly do not remember why you were even blocked in the first place.

    • Brian Doyle says:

      Like you are the expert on the Secret Service I am the expert on Prayer Man and have proven beyond a doubt that Prayer Man is Depository secretary Sarah Stanton…Unfortunately Education Forum moderator James Gordon has seen fit to exclude me from the forum and made a rule prohibiting my research from being posted on his site…This is unfortunate because if I were fairly allowed to post I would finish the Prayer Man theory off in about 10 seconds with my evidence…David Andrews has seen the buttons that go from collar to knee on Prayer Man’s garment and is asking the members to conduct a scientific analysis of them…It is over a day now since Andrews asked that and no one is responding…It is common sense that if visible buttons go from the right collar to Prayer Man’s knees that they belong to one garment and since Oswald had a work shirt, belt, and pants it would be impossible for him to have buttons that went from collar to knee…This alone disproves the Oswald as Prayer Man theory…I can’t ever imagine a case where good evidence and its skilled source would ever be intentionally excluded…Thank you for your citation in your book and unblocking…I think you are the only decent researcher out there…

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