Video coming later (if no copyright concerns kick it out haha)! The major UK documentary (now seen in Australia and elsewhere and soon to be worldwide) contains 15 major segments from yours truly! Dr. Wecht was filmed the same day (we live in the same hometown!), but separate from me (Covid concerns + timing). Ken O’Donnell’s daughter/author Helen O’Donnell makes a nice appearance, while Phillip Shennon does the “Oswald did it but ya never know-could be more to the story” trip. I have mixed feelings (but mostly positive) about the documentary: they did a sensational job including so much of my security/Secret Service concerns and information that it rivals or is actually BETTER than my short TMWKK appearance and my A COUP IN CAMELOT 15 minutes or so! On the other hand, while they allude to a plot and more to the story, they clearly go with Oswald as the (a) shooter, although they duly note his “I’m just a patsy” and other statements. Wecht receives short time but is able to criticize both the rifle and the single bullet theory. From MY perspective, sensational; from a pro-conspiracy standpoint, not so hot BUT I have seen much worse–at least dissent and other points of view are presented. In this day and age (2021 and the MSM), it is great!