While my presentations (and even my brief appearance on THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY) between 1991-2016 were very good for the time, I feel that my last three*** are my very best due to the advent of time, technology, and more knowledge and insights gained (and even more evidence uncovered).

***NOTE: I am very proud of my approximately 15 minute appearance on the DVD/Blu Ray of A COUP IN CAMELOT from 2016

This one is my very best one (from 2019; it is the featured video at my You Tube page):

The Kennedy Detail Exposed: the real story about JFK’s Secret Service – YouTube

From 2020- good follow-up to the one from 2019:

JFK assassination conference presentation 11/21/20 Vince Palamara Secret Service President Kennedy – YouTube

My 11/21/2021 presentation in two forms-

The Power Point/ full/extended version (crystal clear images):

Vince Palamara 11/21/2021 JFK assassination Secret Service presentation [Power Point/video part] – YouTube

The narrated shorter version with some brief technical “gremlins”:

My actual narrated 11/21/21 JFK assassination Secret Service presentation – YouTube