YOU PEOPLE ARE THE BEST! I cannot thank you all enough for the tremendously positive response I keep receiving on my new (third) book! The sales and rankings on Amazon have been very good, indeed. If anyone wants a signed copy directly from me, send me a private message. Seriously- THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! As I keep saying: I am nothing without you, dear readers. Thanks for the inspiration to keep going (fourth book is done, but I digress) ūüôā ūüôā


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My reaction to a critical review of my latest book

First of all, no b.s.: the response to my latest book has been truly outstanding- authors, researchers and “regular folk” agree with me that this one is my best to date, etc. In case you think I am too biased, I can honestly state that the reaction to my second book (admittedly a REFERENCE book on the JFK assassination medical evidence) has been positive-to-mixed: those who don’t like it that much did not like the format of the book AS a reference book.

I normally do not do this…however, since this gentleman today is a fan of my first book (Mark Costa), I felt the need to address his critical review (my comments in bold). Here is his review:

“I preordered the book and was looking forward to it especially after reading the early reviews [renowned authors Flip De Mey, Phil Nelson, David Wayne and several others who have not posted formal reviews are big fans]. As someone who has the author’s previous books [thank you], I was deeply disappointed. There is just not that much “meat” to it. Yes, there are countless quotes from former agents about FDR JFK Truman etc but they are usually things like “I liked FDR” “I liked Truman he knew my name” or “LBJ was nasty” [with all due respect, this is far off the mark…Mark. Many of the agents quoted go into specific detail about security-related items of interest, have new things to say and, even when they are “just” talking about human-interest items, they often conveyed more than “I liked FDR”–GIVE ME A BREAK lol!]. There are really few real details or should I say TALES as the title suggests [I am speechless on this one. I respectfully disagree]. The chapter on the death of Agent Shipman is interesting but the author really stretches it to suggest something sinister when there is just no real evidence other than the agent was buried quickly and the White House made no mention of the fact [well, there is MORE than just that…and acknowledging just those two items is tantamount to the old tacky joke “Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?” Those two items are of major importance and, again, there is more to the story than that]. There is a chapter about Hillary Clinton’s Uncle that no one knows — there is a reason no one knows — first, the agent was not her uncle but cousin [which I acknowledge BUT prominent people, including an agent that guarded Bill and Hillary and Hillary’s BROTHER also called him her uncle. It is common for people to think of that lineage as an uncle or “kinda uncle”, to use the vernacular…and him being her first cousin IS still a big deal- it’s not like that lessens his importance, not to mention his being a prominent agent of some note], and there was no mention of him by the Clinton’s because there is nothing to talk about — nothing to see here move along [again, I disagree, as do a large number of readers…and a prominent agent, Hillary’s brother, and a couple other people]!!! If you have the author’s previous books then you have the info you need, especially his first book which he mentions on numerous occasions in this book [I appreciate the shout out to my first book but I disagree big time: the new book GREATLY expands and documents items that were mentioned in passing and/or lost in the shuffle, as well as including chapters containing information not to be found in that first book]. And course if you have his books and visit his website you know that he has an ongoing “feud” with former agent Jerry Blaine author of the “Kennedy Detail” [no real argument there, but remember: feuds are two-way streets]. Blaine seems to be the agent that spread the erroneous story about JFK ordering agents off the back of the car in Dallas. This has led many to believe that JFK was responsible for his own assassination [correct]. The author goes into detail once again of why Blaine is wrong — but he goes on and on and on and on and on about it — to the point that it is becoming annoying. We get it !!! Blaine lied !! Move on [I had MORE to offer in the way of debunking Blaine’s work, so this chapter was very important, even IF it treads similar waters. Also, keep in mind a CRUCIAL factor: my books are in the minor leagues of publishing, while Blaine and Hill are in the major leagues; it is not as if a whole slew of average citizens are much aware of my previous work, etc. “Re-litigating the case” is sometimes a necessary evil…and, to be fair, Hill’s books are very repetitious re: 11/22/63]. The author includes many photos of newspaper articles about the service. Unfortunately, these are mostly dark and blurry and one needs a microscope to read them [keeping in mind the point about being on a small publishing house, I can read the articles just fine, although I do concede a few images could be a little larger/ clearer…but the point(s) being offered are clear enough to understand]. And then there is the short story about Al Capone’s car. This is a myth, the car was never used and there is plenty of evidence of this on the internet [well, I was merely straight reporting what The Washington Post reported back in 1976 AND what SAIC of the FDR White House Detail, Mike Reilly, reported in his 1947 book. Also, the OFFICIAL SECRET SERVICE WEBSITE states that FDR used the Al Capone vehicle…so perhaps take the “internet” with a grain of salt]¬†¬†The author provides a photo of agents standing on the “car”. But this photo actually shows the 1939 Lincoln limousine known as the Sunshine Special which was built in 1939 — Al was in Alcatraz going on 5 years by then. The Sunshine Special can be seen at the henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan — I know, I used to live near there and viewed the car on numerous occasions. This error is amazing, the author did not recognize one of the most famous limos in Presidential history ?? Makes one stop and think [nothing sinister LOL- just a caption error ūüôā I am much aware of the Sunshine Special]. I recommend the author’s first book “Survivor’s Guilt” instead.

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The Secret Service failed to make a move¬†– great new article

The Secret Service failed to make a move    





Since the assassination of JFK was caught on several cameras depicting the gruesome murder from many angles, the occurrence has been reviewed and studied by many. As we all know, the Secret Service is most known for their fast reflexes and intimidating demeanor, but during JFK’s time in the White House, that had changed. According to Vanity Fair [quoting that article that mentions my book:, the President’s lax attitude had rubbed off on his staff and, as each year passed with him in office, the Secret Service grew lazier and lazier. Several former members of the Secret Service came forward about that day years later, claiming they were slow to respond to the shots fired since they’d been out partying the night before, and were sleep-deprived and even hungover.

One particular agent, Abraham Bolden, described the details of that day in his book The Echo from Dealey Plaza. He describes how he specifically remembers that after JFK was shot, an agent shouted, “I knew it would happen. I told those playboys that someone was going to get the president killed if they kept acting like they did. Now it’s happened.” Bolden also discussed what it was like being one of the only African-Americans on the Secret Service team, and the racism he had to deal with. Soon after the book was released in 2008, Bolden was accused and convicted of attempting to sell a secret government file for $50,000 to the defendant in another case. Bolden claimed that he’d been framed for going public about the partying ways of the Secret Service, and how he feels it led to the death of JFK. Framed or not, it’s clear in the videos that the everyone nearby, aside from his wife, failed to react until the third and final gunshot was fired.

The Secret Service stole Kennedy’s body¬†¬†¬†¬†




After JFK was shot, he was rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Texas where he was pronounced dead. Texas state law rightfully stated that the President’s body wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital until an autopsy had been performed, but the Secret Service felt differently. According to Jacob G. Hornberger, president and founder of the Future of Freedom Foundation, a dispute broke out in the hospital when Dallas medical examiner Dr. Earl Rose attempted to prevent the Secret Service from taking JFK’s body. According to Hornberger’s article “The First Step In The JFK Cover-Up,” there was a lot of shouting and cursing, before the situation forced agents to draw their guns and push their way out of the hospital with JFK’s body.

The casket holding JFK’s body was then taken on Air Force One to Anders Air Force Base, where the military supposedly conducted the autopsy. Many have speculated that this move was the first of many performed by the government to cover up the assassination of the president. When reports surfaced about exactly what happened at the hospital, the public was led to believe that this was all normal, and that breaking Texas law by practically stealing the president’s body was totally consistent with Secret Service training. However, many see this as a precaution taken to ensure that the details of JFK’s autopsy weren’t leaked to the public, especially if those details prove his assassination was a conspiracy involving our own government.

Read More:

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GREAT NEWS! The paperback edition is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon and worldwide (a day early)! The kindle, nook, and Google Play versions have been out since 4/21/17. The reaction has been overwhelmingly great (including from authors Phil Nelson, Flip De Mey, and David Wayne). I appreciate all your support. If you would like a signed copy directly from myself, send me a private message.



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The reaction has been outstanding so far! Several major authors and researchers have made generous remarks about my third book. The consensus seems to be it is the best of the three…and I humbly agree! ūüôā KINDLE (and Nook and Google Play) OUT NOW; PAPERBACK OFFICIALLY COMES OUT THIS MONDAY, 5/1/17. If you want a signed copy directly from me, send me a private message (20.00 dollars- check, money order or cash).


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(4/29/17) Canterbury (UK) JFK conference


It was an honor to be a part of today’s (4/29/17) Canterbury (UK) JFK conference via phone and power point.

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I am very excited about my third book THE NOT-SO-SECRET SERVICE: AGENCY TALES FROM FDR TO THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION TO THE REAGAN ERA! This one is my best one yet! I know a lot of authors probably feel this way about their latest work, but, in this instance, it is the truth. My first one SURVIVOR’S GUILT is a very good textbook style volume that has a necessarily narrow focus (the JFK assassination), while my second one is openly a reference work (with the same narrow focus that, admittedly, is probably more for the serious student/researcher on the case). While I am proud of my first two books, this one is the most readable, the most diverse (FDR, Truman, Ike, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan era Secret Service), and contains some explosive chapters related to the JFK assassination that will really get people talking! KINDLE COMING  4/21/17; PAPERBACK COMING 5/1/17  (like the other two, Kindle, paperback and E-book formats…even the Nook. I am a proud TRINE DAY author. I even have a FOURTH book completed, but I am getting ahead of myself). I cannot wait for you to read this one! Finally- a book you can take to the beach that may make you not want to go into the water; too much to ponder! There are POSITIVE chapters in the book (not all doom and gloom or critical assessments), yet I feel the JFK-related chapters will really get people fired up! I am very excited about this one- can you tell?

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