Secret Service agent Ernest “Ernie” Olsson, Jr.- passed away 7/1/2019 + Secret Service agent Larry Newman- passed away 12/21/2017

Secret Service agent Ernest “Ernie” Olsson, Jr.- passed away 7/1/2019 + Secret Service agent Larry Newman- passed away 12/21/2017

Secret Service agent Ernest “Ernie” Olsson, Jr.- passed away 7/1/2019

I spoke to Olsson briefly- he said he didn’t talk about those days. The only thing he confirmed was that he did speak to the HSCA.


He grew up in Ames and graduated from Ames High School in 1950. Following graduation he continued his education at Drake University obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in 1955.

Ernest met the love of his life Beverly May Scheuermann in 1951 and the couple was married in Ames, on June 15, 1952. The couple then lived in California, Arizona and Missouri and settled in Virginia where they raised their four children.

Ernest was a Veteran, serving in the United States Air Force from 1955 until 1958. Upon returning from active duty, Ernest continued to serve his country working for the United States Secret Service where he protected Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson, retiring in 1981.

Secret Service agent Larry Newman- passed away 12/21/2017

I spoke to Newman at length a couple times in 2004 and he was a valuable source of information. He was one of the four agents who spoke to Seymour Hersh for The Dark Side of Camelot.

After college, Larry completed basic training in the Air Force Reserves and was honorably discharged so that he could join the Washington State Department of Game. In 1960 he was appointed as an agent with the U.S. Secret Service. He served several prominent figures over the course of his 23-year career including service on the White House detail in Washington D.C. during the Kennedy administration, during which time he met his wife, Susan. Larry also worked with presidents Ford and Carter


BOSTON, MA – AUGUST 7: President John F. Kennedy, center, leaves Children’s Hospital in Boston after visiting his son on Aug. 7, 1963. His third son, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, was born in Falmouth, Mass., on Aug. 7, 1963, five and a half weeks early. The baby was rushed to Children s Hospital in Boston shortly after for a treatment of a respiratory ailment. President Kennedy is staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel to be able to be near his son, the first child in 65 years to be born to a sitting president. The baby died on Aug. 9, 1963. (Photo by Herbert Capwell/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)


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Secret Service agent Charles T. “Chuck” Zboril 1936-2019

Secret Service agent Charles T. “Chuck” Zboril 1936-2019

Chuck Zboril of Bonita Springs, FL passed away Saturday morning July 13, 2019. He was born March 6, 1936 in Detroit, MI to the late Charles and Anne Zboril. He has been a resident of Bonita Springs since 1998 previously residing in Rolling Meadows, IL.

He was in the Marine Corps, discharged in 1958 and married Jean on July 12th of that year. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1962 with a degree in Police Administration. He spent 23 years as a special agent in the U. S. Secret Service and 13 years as Asst. Director of Security at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

He enjoyed life in Florida, golfing with friends, traveling and spending time with family.

Chuck is survived by his loving wife and best friend, Jean (Bowen) Zboril and their 3 children, Douglas (Marcia) Zboril, David (Lisa) Zboril and Donna (Mark) Vukelich. Chuck was also blessed with six grandchildren, Tyler, Jacob, Ryan and Anna Zboril and Zoe and Owen Vukelich. He is also survived by his brother, James (Betsy) Zboril.



One can sometimes not realize the ramifications of something written years ago and literally under their own nose until the right context comes about. Well, the context came last night in the form of a very predictable one-star review from former Secret Service agent (and dear Gerald Blaine friend and colleague) Chuck Zboril. I harken back to a famous line (one of many) in the Oliver Stone movie “JFK”, wherein Kevin Costner , after making a vital point buried in the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission, says (paraphrased) “but the idea gets shuffled around and the point gets lost.”
“Blaine even erroneously thought [SAIC Gerald] Behn was on the Florida trip, a testament to the frequency of his [Behn’s] trips with the president.” [author’s interview with Blaine 2/7/04]
“Zboril was sure that Kellerman, who wasn’t even on the Florida trip, was present in Tampa: “I thought it was Roy Kellerman, not Boring, in the car on the Tampa trip…that’s my recollection.” [author’s interview with Chuck Zboril 11/15/95]
Beyond just the general credibility gap issues, by this specific “recollection” of a supervisory agent OTHER THAN FLOYD M. BORING having been on the Florida trip and having rode in the presidential limousine, these two fine gentlemen have, independent of one another, totally impeached ole Blaine’s book “The Kennedy Detail” even further: how can Blaine write so authoritatively that he heard BORING over the radio relaying JFK’s alleged instruction to remove Zboril and Lawton from the rear of the limousine WHEN HE CAN’T EVEN GET THE NAME OF THE ACTUAL AGENT IN CHARGE OF THE TRIP AND RIDING IN THE PRESIDENTIAL LIMOUSINE CORRECT?

in entirety:




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Secret Service agent William “Tim” McIntyre 1935-2019



Secret Service agent William “Tim” McIntyre 1935-2019. I spoke to McIntyre in 2005 (when he lived in California). He was one of the four agents who spoke to Seymour Hersh.


As for Kennedy, McIntyre said his father was criticized in the 1990s when he shared stories with journalist Seymour Hersh for Hersh’s book “The Dark Side of Camelot.”McIntyre told Hersh he felt guilty for violating federal law for allowing unsavory characters, including prostitutes, into the White House to visit Kennedy.“While he held him in high regard as a president and a good negotiator with foreign countries, the Cuban Missile Crisis, that kind of thing, personally he was kind of put in the middle a few times by the president and he didn’t appreciate it,” McIntyre said. Other agents expressed similar feelings. 


See also


“The Presidential vehicle was approximately 200 feet from the underpass when the first shot was fired, followed in quick succession by two more. I would estimate that all three shots were fired within 5 seconds. After the second shot, I looked at the President and witnessed his being struck in the head by the third and last shot.

McIntyre later courted controversy after featuring in an ABC television special ‘Dangerous World- The Kennedy Years’ in which he recalled upon first being assigned to JFK that he was taken aside by his shift supervisor Emory Roberts and warned of JFK’s womanizing ways.

“You’re going to see a lot of s–t around here. Stuff with the president. Just forget about it. Keep it to yourself. Don t even talk to your wife. Roberts was nervous about it.”

McIntyre felt a scandal was inevitable: “It would have had to come out in the next year or so. In the campaign, maybe.”

He also felt compromised and angry at Kennedy’s actions wondering whether it was “time to get out of there.

“I was disappointed by what I saw”.




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President Kennedy motorcades San Diego, Hawaii, Latin America

President Kennedy motorcades San Diego, Hawaii, Latin America


President Kennedy motorcades San Diego (6/6/63) , Hawaii (6/9/63), Latin America (12/61- Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Columbia) PLUS THE BUBBLETOP IN ALL GOOD WEATHER MOTORCADES

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President Kennedy motorcades: Germany, Italy, Ireland, D.C.

President Kennedy motorcades: Germany, Italy, Ireland, D.C.

GERMANY 6/23-6/26/63 [19:43 to 23:11] : Many flanking motorcycles in a wedge formation; SAIC Behn on trip; military aide in front seat; agents in good number near limo; bubbletop at times; military lining street; live television feed; PHOTOGRAPHERS IN FRONT OF LIMO; buildings guarded
ITALY 7/2/63 [0 to 11:44]: close press/photographers (including live tv IN FRONT OF LIMO), SAIC Behn, agents on limo, massive motorcycles, etc.
IRELAND 6/28/63 [23:12 to end]: Agent Bert De Freese on rear of limo; partial bubbletop; good motorcycle formation; press photographers flatbed truck in front of limo; agents on limo
D.C. motorcades:
-JFK and Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg 4/30/63 [11:45 to 13:28];
-JFK and Ethiopian King Haile Selassie 10/1/63 [16:08 to 18:33];
-JFK and King Hassan of Morocco 3/27/63 [13:29 to 16:07];
-JFK Inaugural 1/20/61 [18:44 to 19:42]
THE VIEW FROM THE PRESS PHOTOGRAPHERS FLATBED TRUCK IN FRONT; 2 follow-up cars; military and police line street; SAIC Behn and military aide

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Gerald Blaine’s handwritten phony notes + some docs (click on images to enlarge)

Blaine makes no mention of the death (on 10/14/63) of Secret Service agent Tom Shipman. Blaine and the detail were preparing for JFK’s trip to Boston, one of the last trips before Texas (Boston, MD, two NY trips, FL then TX).

Gerald Blaine’s handwritten notes (undated):

“Frank Yeager and myself have the advance in Tampa, Fla. Everything goes well and I feel real good. Never a thought of the tragedy that is due to occur on the 22nd. Kennedy makes the first of fateful steps that seem to lead toward the tragedy. He states that he wants no agents riding on the rear of his car as we did in Europe. If one was there the assassination might not have occurred. An agent’s life is a frustrating one. You can set all of the security in the world, but its only as good as the President lets it be. The day will come when the only way the public will be able to see the president is by television. The country seems to be loaded with eccentrics and potentials.”

“I don’t think I have ever been filled so low emotionally by anything like the president’s assassination. There wasn’t a thing anyone could have done to stop it and the Secret Service did everything it could do. My shift worked midnight in Ft. Worth on the 22nd. We took them to the airport – They flew to Dallas, went to Austin to sleep for the next nights duty. I had been asleep about ten minutes in the Commodore Perry Hotel. Art Godfrey came in the room and almost broke the door down. ‘The boss was hit in Dallas.’ I was groggy but the sickening truth seemed to sink through and I couldn’t do anything but swing my legs over the bed and when the shock hit me I couldn’t find the strength to stand and I was hit with a sudden wave of chills. Then I tried to fight off the despair and asked Art if he was sure. He said he knew that Kennedy was shot, but didn’t know if it was fatal. We turned on the radio and finally got through on the security phone to hear the horrible truth. We just withdrew in our own thoughts.”

“We flew back in a SAC Bomber, myself, Art Godfrey, Bob Faison, Jerry O’Rourke, Paul Burns and John Bailey (National Democratic Chairman). We arrived back after Kennedy’s body and set up security at the Johnson residence. (What a disgusting settlement – Kennedy replaced by Johnson – like a pro-ball player going from the Yankees to the bottom of the league.)”

“They say that not many single things have an influence on history, but I am sure this one will.”

“Even though we could have done nothing to prevent it, nor was there anything anyone could have done except use a bulletproof automobile, we are all suffering from guilt and failure in our one task. The ordeal we were to all go through for the next few months was a sad one, but we all came out with a feeling of hope far greater than we had ever had before. We shall all be stronger for the experience in the years to come. President Kennedy left us a little of his courage and we lost not only a fine president but a friend we will never forget and always admire.”

“The ordeal we were to all go through for the next few months…”

“The ordeal we were to all go through for the next few months…”

“The ordeal we were to all go through for the next few months…”

!!!!! OOPS–I thought these notes were supposed to be contemporaneous “proof” of something?! A SOURCE AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES WHO WAS ADAMANT ABOUT NOT BEING QUOTED SAID IT WAS HIS/HER BELIEF THAT THE HANDWRITTEN “SCRAWL” IN “BALL POINT PEN” WAS ADDED YEARS LATER…I say decades (say, around late 2012), but you get the point.

 The Tampa report Blaine included as he was too dumb to realize that this was ALREADY RELEASED IN 1999. Nevertheless, the irony is rich: rooftops were guarded (as I also confirmed via the Tampa police). This was Kennedy’s LONGEST domestic motorcade (28 miles long!) and second only to Berlin for longest period; far longer than Dallas where building rooftops were NOT guarded

Blaine claims he didn’t drink at either the Fort Worth Press Club or the Cellar. This may or may not be true, but we know NINE agents did, including four agents on the follow-up car (including Clint Hill)!

“Blaine said he had two boxes of records and only turns over 28 pages?!”- Researcher William Kelly. The meager 28 pages was submitted to the National Archives in December 2012, 2 years after Blaine’s book was published AND exactly during the time he found out my book was coming out the next year (2013) for the 50th anniversary! The Gerald Blaine documents consist of 28 pages – mostly duty assignments and travel vouchers, but there are two survey reports – one for Tampa and the one for a post assassination State Department reception between foreign dignitaries and LBJ. There is also a brief statement, a denial of having consumed any alcoholic beverages at the Press Club or the Cellar in Ft. Worth.

Obscure Secret Service agent Gerald Blaine, who served 5 years, came out of nowhere in 2010 with the book THE KENNEDY DETAIL, a New York Times best seller from the biggest publishing house in the world. It is full of propaganda and outright lies. Blaine came out with his book (starting the writing of it in 2005) because of my 22-page letter to Clint Hill, his dear friend for 50+ years. Subsequently, Hill went on to write three more books with the same co-author, his girlfriend Lisa McCubbin.

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