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DOCUMENTARY OUTTAKE 2013- the director wanted me to do an unrehearsed book pitch for my book “Survivor’s Guilt: The Secret Service and the Failure to Protect President Kennedy”

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  1. Michael Chittum says:

    Need to know if this works–very interesting info from me

  2. Michael Chittum says:

    I claim to be the best friend of JFK—I know alot more than most–its time for the proof-caught your info—thought I’d throw you a line–not good at computer(don’t care to be-great info)

  3. Evie Black says:

    Hi Vince
    Can I ask why rush to judgement plausible denial and a citizens dissent ate missing from yout list? mark lane recommends your blog in his last book. also what are yout thoughs on chancey holts latest book? I have just ordered it. and on howard donahues theory?

    • I love Mark Lane and those books you mention! 🙂 I only included his final JFK book THE LAST WORD because I feel it encapsulates the best of his prior JFK books and adds new insights, as well.

  4. David McGrath says:

    Did they ever find the curtain rods that Oswald brought to to work? If not does that not prove Oswald was guilty?
    Thanks David McGrath

    • No. Keep in mind, that was Buell Wesley Frazier’s story which may or may not be true. Based on both Barry Ernest’s book and (especially) Flip De Mey’s book THE LEE HARVEY OSWALD FILES, no way was Oswald firing on the sixth floor. His rifle? Probably. Ballistic ties to the rifle? Of course…but it definitely appears someone else used Oswald’s rifle. The weapon could not be disassembled and put back together and accurately fire without being sited in, not to mention the trouble and time to re-assemble the rifle, how it was too big for the package Frazier and his sister saw, no visible traces (creases or gun oil) on the bag (which was not photographed and was not seen by several people who should have seen it, etc.). Was Oswald a saint? Hell no. But he was not a shooter on the sixth floor—Ernest and De Mey debunk it.

  5. Jay Foster says:

    Hey, Vince, big fan. Thank you for pursuing the truth in regards to the JFK murder. Question what do you think of the research in the book The Men On the 6th Floor and Loy Factor and MAC Wallace? Also, who were in your mind the indisputable criminals in the secret service that lead to JFK’s death?? Thank you for all you do

    • Hi! Please see my four books. My three main suspects are Floyd Boring, Bill Greer and Emory Roberts. I no longer believe the LBJ-did-it theory, although he was a bastard and definitely participated in the cover up.

  6. Mark Anderson says:

    See your Facebook texts. I am trying to reach you about the apparently taken-down You Tube video on th C-130 details re: transporting the 100x and the Queen Mary back east later on 11-22-63. Is that video available elsewhere? Does anyone out there know?

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